How to draw a cartoon Cat Step by Step || Purrloin Pokemon -

How to draw a cartoon Cat Step by Step || Purrloin Pokemon

How to draw a cartoon Cat Step by Step || Purrloin Pokemon

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw a Realistic Dolphin Step by Step

Step 1

Okay , guys, I would like you to begin this lesson by creating a circle for the head of this Pokemon. After that you can draw a sausage-like outline of the body completely connected in the form of the head. Next, draw in accordance with the guidelines for drawing an affixed tail and face.

Step 2

The first thing you’ll do is draw the shape of the head of the Choroneko. It should have big sharp cheeks and pointed ears. The face is narrower at the chin, and the body features a beautiful curve, like the one that shown here. After the head and body are drawn then drawing the legs on either side as you would draw them.

Step 3

This is where you’ll draw masks of shapes around the eyes of the cat in eye-shaped shapes. After that drawing the lines, draw marker lines all around the face that extend to the cheeks. Next, draw the front leg, and then to draw back legs. In this final step, you’ll need to draw a thinbut not too long tail. It should also be shaped as an scythe on top.

Step 4

In the last drawing procedure, all you need you to do is sketch two ovals that are between the eyes. draw the mouth and nose and then draw both eyes as well as eye slits. Then make a mark on the cat’s coat and add toes. Remove the lines and patterns you sketched in the first step to clean the drawing.

Step 5

Here’s how this new Pokemon will look like once you’re finished. You can now color the Pokemon to finish the sketch.

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