Cute Animal Drawing


How easy is it to draw a cartoon cat? We will show you how to do it quickly and easily. This guide is for artists of all levels. It consists of eight steps.

We have shown you how to draw a variety of cats before. Both cartoon and realistic cats have been drawn. As you may know, there are many styles of cartoon cats. Today we chose the most adorable and beautiful for our tutorial on how to draw a cartoon kitten.

Step 1

Let’s now see how easy it is to draw a cartoon cat. We begin by sketching the basic outline of our cat. Pay attention immediately to the details of the drawing object’s appearance. The head is very large and extends beyond the body’s width and length. Let’s imagine this and show this feature in this step.



Step 2

Let’s now look at the front legs of our cat. Cats are extremely flexible and agile, as you probably know. We would need to create smooth and graceful outlines for the paws if we wanted to draw a cat realistically. It looks more like two cylinders tapering down in cartoon style.


Step 3

Because of the peculiar angles, the hind leg appears shorter visually. This will make it appear as if the cat is moving in our direction.


Step 4

This step will show you how to draw a collar and a long tail. You are free to choose the location and shape of your tail as well as the appearance of the collar as per your imagination.


Step 5

Cats have cute ears. This step will show you how to draw ears that look like triangles and have smooth corners. Because the ears are located laterally, it is quite a distance between them.


Step 6

We will continue to add details in this step. Let’s draw the eyes of the cat using a pair of small balls and the inner portions of the auricles. It looks like a pair of smaller triangles, which are the symmetrical triangular triangles from the previous steps.


Step 7

This cat drawing is almost complete. This step will finish the details, such as the outline of the nose and mouth, along with a long mustache. Recall, that you can check the proportionality of the cartoon cat drawing by looking at it in a mirror. You will be able to see all errors in your drawing and correct them.


Step 8

We will be adding shading to the final step in our instruction on drawing a cartoon cat. As we had intended a very simple guide, we did not use shadows and instead painted only dark eyes. You can make your drawings more complex by adding shadows or highlights.


You can add shadows or coloring to your cartoon cat drawing to make it more interesting. You can also add patterns to your fur.

We are glad you were able to achieve a great outcome. Please let us know if you have any problems with the guide. Your feedback is very helpful to us!


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