HOW TO DRAW A CARTOON CAR is full of various lessons about how to draw a car, but basically, all of these lessons are quite complex. But today we want to fix this situation and created a lesson on how to draw a car easily.

Step 1
First, let’s try to draw a contour of the car’s corpus. It looks like a rounded figure that narrows from left to right.

Step 2
Now is the time to draw a roof. This part of the car body also should have a rounded shape. You can see here the principle of a snowman

Step 3
We continue the tutorial in which we told about how to draw a Cartoon car easily step by step. In this stage, we will draw a car’s wheels. Pay attention to the fact that the wheels are located very close to each other.

Step 4
So, let’s draw the front part of our car. Here you can see the headlights, bonnet cover, and grille.

Step 5 In this step, we will need to draw the top of our cartoon car. In the same step, we draw windows and mirrors.

Step 5
And we have a final step of this drawing tutorial. Now we will draw details:

Doors of the cartoon car;
Door handles;
Wheels of the car;
The lower edge and rear bumper.

This is the simplest scheme in which we showed you how to draw a cartoon car easily. We hope you enjoyed the lesson. We are waiting for you in the following lessons about how to draw cars. By the way, if you want to learn how to draw more complex cars, then visit our category called “Cars”.

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