How to Draw A Cartoon Bike Step by Step -

How to Draw A Cartoon Bike Step by Step

How to Draw A Cartoon Bike Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

For the first step in this instructional of drawing cartoon bikes beginning with the frame’s kickstart and also the pedals.

This frame has a triangular It is comprised of two parts that are joined. To the right of the bottom, there are pedals to the bicycle.

The pedal will be round outline, in which the pedal is protruding from an angle.

When drawing the frame as well as other parts on the bike employ an ruler to draw lines.

Step 2: Draw additional frames
This is the process of making a frame sequel to your bike cartoon. The first step is to create a third triangular area on the right of your bike.

The other side will have one small circle on the left.

We’ll then draw the first section of the split that passes through the wheel on the left of the frame you sketched in the previous step.

Step 3 – Then begin sketching the wheels
Now it’s time to begin making the wheels for this bike, since it will not be able to go far without them! It will have wheels that are perfectly circles.

They will also place them within the areas of the frame we display in the image reference. You can draw using drawing tools like the drawing compass to draw these circles.

We will also add additional information to these wheels soon!

Complete this step by adding small dots onto the circular region on the pedal.

Step 4 – Now , draw an inner outline for the wheel.
We’ll be adding additional interiors to the wheels of your bike from the cartoon in this stage. First, we’ll sketch two circles around the wheel outline you’ve drawn.

This second picture should be very close to the borders of the previous one, which we have shown in our image as a reference.

We will then divide this inner circular area into several segments. This is yet another area where your ruler can be extremely useful!

Step 5 – Draw the handlebars on your bike in cartoon
This section of our drawing cartoon bike tutorial is going to be among the most challenging steps in our instruction.

In this section we’ll begin drawing the handlebars on the bike. There are some a bit ambiguous details to draw for this section.

It will be placed in the frame, and will be equipped with slim, straight pieces for an individual frame.

Then you can add mounting brakes and handles to the frame. We suggest keeping an to the reference picture as you work through this frame!

Then , we’ll complete the information in the following step.

Step 6: Now, you’ll need to add the last details
To finish this drawing prior to coloring in the last step, we’ll need to add some details. The first step is to complete the bike saddle.

It will have flat and rounded and will be heavier on the right side than the left. It is connected to a thin frame piece.

Then , we’ll draw a thin wire that runs down from the handlebars, and then over the wheel. Then make curved brake section above the wheel, to finish the design for this step.

Before you continue, you can modify the bike by adding additional information and suggestions on the bicycle.

You could also create a fun background image to indicate where you’ll be riding on this bike. What else do you think of this picture?

Step 7 – Complete your cartoon bike design with some colors
This is the final step of the tutorial and we’ll wrap with some incredible shades.

In the image we used as a reference we have used a bright blue to cover parts of the frame, and gray for other components. We then used green for the seat, handlebars and the inner tires.

However, bikes come in every color you can think of and you’ll have plenty of options in how you mix this with other colors!

This is about creating your ideal bike, so feel free to select any color you want to make it complete.

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