How to Draw a Cartoon Backpack Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How To Draw A Pirate Skull Step by Step

Step 1

Are you prepared or not? Begin with the small oval that is on the front of your Backpack design. Then, draw a vertical line across the middle and then place guides on the front.

Step 2

The next step is to sketch the outline of the Backpack as shown here and then draw the line to allow closure of the flap. After that, utilize the guides for drawing the eye. also draw them neat and straight.

Step 3

All you have to do is draw the remainder of the backpack’s lining, before drawing the triangular shape depicted as eyebrows. Make circles to the eyes and leave a little white space behind. Then, draw the line to create the smiley face.

Step 4

Now, you’re close to being finished and all you have to draw is the design and outline of the strap back. Eliminate the lines you sketched in the first step and move to the second and last step.

Step 5

This is how the character you created in Dora is going to look like once you’re finished. All you need to get is an orange marker, pencil or crayon and begin coloring your backpack. I hope that you have are able to draw Backpack by watching Dora the Explorer step by step.

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