How to Draw a Caricature for Beginners

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

Step 1

The red circles represent the areas of the face we will concentrate on. Eyes that are thick, noses and teeth. Consider the most prominent human facial features and make them more prominent in the illustration.

Step 2

This blue-colored circle represents the one we tend to ignore. The lips and eyes are tiny but vital facial features that require our attention.

Step 3

Here are a few examples of caricatures of faces I’ve sketched. Every face, except one, are random and you’ll are looking closely, Justin Bieber will be on your left. Eyes and eyebrows are also included.

Step 4

Make a large oval to form the head. make the faces guides like you can see in this.

Step 5

Utilizing the facial guides you traced in the first step, begin drawing the lines for the eyes and the nose. Because the nose is over-exaggerated, make sure you draw the tips large and wide.

Step 6

Just above the top of the eyelid line Draw volume eyebrows and fill them in with the color of your choice. When you’re done, can make your eyes appear more perfect by drawing the lid’s bottom as well as drawing your eyeball. Draw the nostrils. Remember not to sketch them out in a flared fashion.

Step 7

Give some depth on the eye by drawing the actual crease on the lid. Fill the pupil. In this case , my brother has a lovely marking on his cheek. sketch it out like that.

Step 8

The next step is to begin working on the lower area on the facial area. Draw lines of wrinkles that are defined starting from the base of the nostrils. After that, turn them upwards. Drawing with his mouth should be large and wide. Your upper lips are thin, while the lower part is slightly more thick. Draw the large teeth and then make a detail or stroke on the chin. Finally, create a make a slit just beneath the middle of the nose.

Step 9

Draw the ears as follows But make sure when drawing them out, that you include the details within the ears. You have been doing really well keep up the good work, you are getting close to finishing.

Step 10

Draw out the form of the head and face in general, and note if you observe that the face appears extended or is elongated, draw a line on the form. Draw a hairline on the shaved hair on his head, then apply some strokes to the cheeks.

Step 11

To draw the final step, all you need to do is remove the hair from his chin and draw the collar of his shirt, his neck and a portion of portion of the chest. Remove the lines and designs you created in step 1 to tidy the drawing.

Step 12

Your drawing will end up looking as the one shown here. Then, take the lessons you’ve learned and try drawing your brother, mother sister, father aunt, uncle, or even a close friend. We hope you enjoyed the experience return to me in the near future to draw for real.

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