Today, the team from will teach the viewers the drawing process of an automobile washer and will be an ideal complement to our lessons on drawing cars. The tutorial on drawing car washers will consist of just four steps that will involve extremely simple steps, but at the end, we will have a very real-looking drawing of the car washer.


Step 1

Let’s draw car washes using basic geometric designs. In this sketch, we will draw the outline of the washing machine as an elongated vertical image, with a water hose, and an elongated pistol. Of course, it is important to make use of the lightest lines as we will need to erase them in the near future.



Step 2

We’ll now add some detail to our basic car wash design. We’ll start at the bottom of the pressure wash. The first step is to outline the handle from the top. Then draw the button on the bottom, and then small wheels. Then, you can go to the pistol for the washing machine and pull the trigger.


Step 3

We’ve sketched out an outline for the pressure washer and now it is time to ensure that the lines of the drawing are consistent, clear, and attractive. In order to achieve this, we must be careful to trace the specifics of the lines we draw using extremely dense as well as smooth lines.


Step 4

To create the car washers appear beautiful and voluminous We need to add shadows. With hatching, create shadows so that light doesn’t fall. Don’t forget casting shadows, which are underneath the car washer and don’t appear to be like it’s floating on the back of the car.


Write to us to let us know if this instruction on drawing the car washer was of any use to you. We’re waiting for your feedback and suggestions in the comments as well as on our social media networks. You could alter the design of your car washer by adding additional details. Try to alter the design of the pistol as well as the body as a whole or add the logo and name such as Karcher or the name of a different business. Try to draw the car washer from different viewpoints. Make sure you subscribe to us and share our videos If you would like to help us.


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