This drawing tutorial will teach you step-by-step how we draw cars. The tutorial is easy enough to follow, and the final result will be a very realistic car drawing.

This tutorial will show you how to draw a car differently than the tutorials we’ve shown previously about drawing cars.

We decided to take a Mercedes-Benz S-Class as an example. The previous version was already on

Let’s begin the tutorial by drawing a car step-by-step if you have all your art supplies.

Step 1

First, draw the basic outline of the car. To draw the boundaries of your car, use light lines. Mark the trunk, trunk, and hood.


Step 2

The most prominent details, such as the radiator grille, wheel arches, and window frames, should be added. You can check the accuracy of your car drawing by looking through a mirror.

Step 3

We will continue to add more details. The air intakes are located at the bottom side of the front bumper. Next, draw the B-pillars and rearview mirrors. Draw the wheels using very smooth lines in the wheel arches.

Step 4

Draw the doors and location of the handles on the body side. Next, sketch the pattern for the rims using very thin lines. You can add more detail to the grille or air intakes.

Step 5

Trace and correct the car’s front using very sharp and dark lines. The license plate, lines on the radiator grille, and air intakes should be drawn. As in the example, use precise lines to detail everything.

Step 6

Do the same with the top. Detail the roof, windows, rearview mirror, and roof with darker lines. You can delete any construction lines that were drawn before you begin to draw the car.

Step 7

Draw the trunk and side surfaces of the car a bit lower. Draw more details on the handles and a few decorative lines along the sides of the car.

Step 8

This step is a bit more challenging than the others because you will have to draw wheels or rims. Make sure the spokes are perfectly spaced from the edges to the center of the wheel.

Step 9

To give your car drawing more depth and visual appeal, add shadows. shading should be used to draw shadows, taking into consideration the shapes and curves of car parts. This will give your car drawing a more realistic and three-dimensional look.

Once you’ve completed the drawing of a car, it’s time for consolidation and to move on to the next level.

To give your car drawing a more vibrant look, you can add more shadows. Next, draw a car from different angles. This will improve your volume perception skills and show you how to draw cars from different angles.

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