How to Draw a Car for Kids

Hello dear novice artists, today I show you how to draw a car for kids! This article like all the other instructions on as you know is done for beginning artists, and therefore the article consists of very simple lines.

Step 1

Draw a long horizontally stretched rectangle as the basis for our car.

Step 2

Draw the roof of the car as in my example.

Step 3

Sketch out the headlights in the front and rear of the car.

Step 4

Draw the doors and handles of my car drawing.

Step 5

Draw the wheels as in the example.

Step 6

Erase all the extra lines, draw rims on wheels, and a rear-view mirror.

Step 7

Round all the lines on the car as in our example, so that the machine does not look like a piece of wood.

Step 8

It remains only to paint over everything. You can choose any color that you like.

At the end of the instruction is a shortened version of this guide, which contains all the steps without text. HOW TO DRAW A DOG FOR KIDS

That’s all friends! I hope that this article has awakened in you the desire to depict and you have already drawn a car. If so, then do not forget to share this instruction with your friends!

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