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How to Draw a Cape

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a cape, an important element in the comics.

A cape is a rectangular piece of fabric worn behind the back that is held around the neck. Capes were often added to the statues of ancient Greek sculptors to make them more impressive. You could even see Apollo Belvedere wearing such a cape.

Capes are well-known because superheroes like Superman and Batman wear them.


How to Draw a Cape

Step 1: Sketch the Outlines of the Cape

To sketch the outline of the cape, use very thin lines that are almost transparent. This is where we will need to position the cape’s future drawing on paper correctly and determine its edges.




Step 2: Sketch the Top of the Cape

Draw the outline of the cape that wraps around your neck and holds it. These lines should be smooth.




Step 3 – Draw the folds on the shoulders

If the cape is not worn on the person, draw the back. In the same step, make folds on your shoulders.




Step 4 – Draw your side edges

Draw the sides of the cape using two long, smooth lines. These lines will look different from the example we used.




Step 5 – Draw the bottom edge

Draw the bottom edge of your cape using a long, slightly wavy line. This line should form an inverted wave if you are trying to draw Batman’s cape.




Step 6 – Finishing touches

Use a few smooth lines to draw the bottom edges. You can also draw folds inside the cape by using long vertical lines.




Step 7 – Color your Cape Drawing

You can make your cape look more finished by erasing all the auxiliary lines. Red is the most preferred color for capes, according to superheroes.




As you can see, shadows have been added to the drawn cape. This gives the whole image a more beautiful and vibrant look.

This drawing lesson will help you draw a superhero cape. You might also be able to draw capes for famous superheroes, such as Vision or Moon Knight, from Marvel and DC.


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