When you took previous lessons in drawing, the team from taught you the drawing process of the melon as well as an orange. In this drawing lesson, the team from will show you how to draw a similar plant. As you’ve already guessed the subject of this tutorial is drawing an apple.

Step 1

In the melon lesson In the melon lesson, we sketch the outline of an oval. By drawing a smaller oval, we can sketch out the position where the stem is located. Be sure to create smooth and straight contours to ensure that in the future we won’t need to change all of it.

Step 2

Then, using many simple lines, arranged in random order, we can draw the pattern of the grape. The lines must appear very thin, and almost indistinct.

Step 3

Utilizing dense hatching, draw the shadows at the lower part of the plant. Then trace the shadows on the surface beneath the plant.

There are many who don’t know the meaning of cantaloupe, so today we’ve tried to explain its benefits of it to you. This lesson consisted of three steps and we are confident that all readers will have the ability with the task. We also want to point out it is appropriate to draw not just cantaloupes but also regular melons.

If you enjoyed this lesson, make sure to visit the category titled “Food”, where this lesson is. There are many lessons in which we will explain how to draw specific fruits and vegetables. However, if you’d like to sketch something that can help you improve your drawing abilities to the next level, take a look at drawing objects from our categories of electronics and weapons.

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