Hello dear artists. In the last lessons in drawing, we taught you the drawing process of the shape of a candle but we sketched the candle without the aid of a candlestick. Today, we decided to fix this mistake and taught you to draw the candlestick.

Step 1
To make our candlestick even we draw a vertical line.

Step 2
Next, using extremely gentle and curving lines, draw the outline on the candlestick.

Step 3
Then using dark and clear lines, carefully trace the candlestick.

Step 4
Let’s improve our candlestick drawings more realistic by adding the glare and shadows using hatching.

Today, very few people make use of candles to fulfill their primary purpose. Today, candles are more of an ornament of the interior. If you’d like to know how to draw different items for interior use, look at our sections titled “Still Living” along with “Misc”.


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