How to Draw A Candle

There are many ways to use a candle, symbolically and practically. A candle, in its simplest form, is used to bring light into a darkened room.

It can also be used to symbolize hope, encouragement and relief in difficult times or the light at end of the tunnel.

It doesn’t matter what a candle means to you. However, it can be very enlightening learning how to draw a candles to represent any meanings that you desire.

The guide you have in front will show you the way!

We hope you enjoy this 6-step guide to drawing a candle.

1st Step:

The flame of the candle is the first step in our guide to drawing a candle. The flame of the candle will be drawn using a pointed shape inside another.

This is the easiest way to draw it. Start with the outer shape, which has a circular base and becomes thinner as you go up.

The curve eventually ends in a sharp point, which curves to the left. Add another similar shape to the outline.

2nd Step:

Once you have drawn the flame of the candle, you can begin to draw the candle. Simply draw a thin line from the center of your candle flame to create the wick.

You can then use curved lines to decorate the top of your candle. To show that the wax is dripping, one of these lines will loop up.

Although it may sound confusing, you will be able to see the reference image and make your mind up!

3rd Step:

In this step of our guide, we will draw the candle with wax dripping.

This time will be drawn on the right-hand side. The candle will continue to drip down. The left-hand side will look the same as the right, but the drip will be longer and more extended.

This is it for the first step. Now you can move on to the next!

4th Step:

The candle drawing is starting to come together! This is the next step.

You can now add another extension to your left-hand candle side, adding another drip as needed. Now, let’s add a few details to the left-hand side of your candle before we start to choose the colors!

5th Step:

You will finish the candle in this step of our tutorial on how to draw.

The candle’s base will be its main feature. For more drips, you can add more curves to the candle.

This will cover the main points of this guide. But, you don’t need to stop there! To complete the image, you could add your own details.

You might consider drawing a base for your candle. You could use a plate or a fancy candleholder.

You can also add elements or extra details to the background. You also have the option to choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs for candles.

What will you do with this image?

6th Step:

This is the sixth and final step in your candle drawing. You can have some great fun adding amazing colors!

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