how to draw a candle

This drawing class will teach the student the art of drawing the outline of a candle or a burning candle, that is to say, a precise. Users of frequently asked us to show you how to draw a candle therefore we decided to create this tutorial specifically for you.

So, get your preferred pencil, eraser, and paper to begin the fascinating and educational process of drawing candles.


Step 1

Every candle is based on the traditional horizontal rectangle. Draw this simple rectangle like the artists from did. Don’t try to make the shape as smooth and elegant since, in the next steps, we’ll be making modifications to the drawing.




Step 2

Although our sketch appears to be the shape of a rectangle, in the next step, we’ll make the sketch appear more like the drawing of a candle. To achieve this you need to draw melted wax over the top with unbalanced lines. There is a recess to the top of the molten wax and the liquid wax that drips will have a different size and shape.




Step 3

The next step in the instructions of drawing an image of a candle is the most straightforward, however it is at the same time vital since it is at this point that the sketch will transform into an actual candle drawing. Therefore, in the upper section, draw the candle’s wick. Create the bottom of the candle round by drawing a slightly bent line.




Step 4

In this phase, we’ll be essentially completing the most fundamental actions. Utilizing a pair of simple lines to draw fire, we will draw it at the point of the wick, just as the team at did. A candle’s flame ought to be shaped like a leaf on a tree, and you can draw a flame in different sizes, whichever you’d like to draw.




Step 5

At this point, you do not require a pencil, this time we’ll use an eraser. Utilizing this tool, you can erase all lines that are unnecessary to the sketch of the candle to give the sketch a beautiful and finished appearance. Make the entire image darker by using black and clear lines at this point your drawing could be complete but we’d like to make it more vibrant and vivid.




Step 6

It is possible to leave your candle drawing in black or white as in the fifth step or paint them with color or shadows. We chose that we would paint the candles in a brown-yellow hue while the fire was painted as per the norm for fire, red and yellow.




This guide on how to draw candles is over. You can still improve your drawing by creating candles of a different color and other things like that. offers amazing instructions for completely different subjects (for instance, our tutorials on the apple as well as the eye). If you’re interested in these topics take a look.

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