How To Draw A Canada Goose Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

The tutorial will show you how to draw a goose. To create the beak, first draw some circles.

This section will be divided into two sections. The top is larger than the bottom.

To make the top of your goose’s head, connect another circle to its beak. This line will continue further down, creating the long neck for the goose and the head of its back.

You can now move on to step 2, once you have copied the lines exactly as shown in our reference image.

Step 2 – Finish the neck of the goose.

Now you can finish the goose neck. For the bottom of your neck, you can draw another curve from the beak.

The neck that you have drawn will be parallel to this line.

The lower neck will turn into a greasy stomach for the geese at that point. This will be enough for the first step.

Step 3: Now, draw details on the face and more body.

The third step in our How to Draw a Goose tutorial will allow you to add more detail to the goose’s head and draw more of its body.

Begin by widening the line from the belly to the inward, but not for the lower half of the goose. The line will then run straight down to the contour of your goosefoot.

After you have drawn the pins, you are able to finish the tail.

This is the final step. To make the eyes, draw a small circle in black with a line below.

Draw another curve at the base of the face, where the neck will be for the goose’s cheeks. Finish the beak by adding a dot to it for the goose’s nostrils.

Step 4 – Finish the leg of your goose.

Already your goose drawing looks amazing! We will now tighten some details on the geese in the fourth step. Begin by adding the outline to the legs.

The outline can be completed near the legs. Next, draw the upper portion of the wing that will touch the top of the goose’s head.

We only need a few more details to finish the next step, before we can start coloring our amazing goose drawing!

Step 5 – Now, you can complete the details of your goose draw

The fifth part of our tutorial on how to draw a goose will focus on fine tuning the details before we start coloring the picture.

This step’s main feature will be the finish of the wing that you began earlier. This is why we will be drawing multiple lines for the feathers.

You’re nearly done. You can add details to the final step before moving on to the next.

These can be as simple as adding feathers to your goose, or as complex as drawing another goose for you to share the bird’s nest with.

These are just some ideas. What other suggestions can you make to complete the picture?

Step 6 – Finish your goose drawing by adding some colors

Now that you have completed your drawing of the goose, you can now relax and add some color to it.

We used light gray to make the goose’s feathers and orange for the legs, beak and legs in our reference image. We chose this color, but you could use any other color to complete it!

Once you have identified the colors you love, you can choose which medium to bring them to life.

To create a soft and beautiful look, you can use crayons or watercolors. Acrylic paints and crayons can be used to give your picture more vibrancy.

These are just some examples. What are your favourite colors and media to use?

The drawing of the Goose is complete!

You’re done with this tutorial on goose drawing.

This picture has many intricate details that can be difficult to complete. You should be proud to have completed this tutorial!

Once you are proficient in drawing, you can add your own details and elements to it.

We know that you will create an amazing look, whether you add details or paint more geese.


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