How to Draw a Camel

The entire team of as well as our readers enjoy drawing animals. Therefore, this time we’re going to show our readers what to draw the camel. The drawing will be of a one-humped camel, however, this technique can also be used to draw its two-humped companion.


Step 1

Let’s draw a camel using its skull. The first step is to draw the head’s round outline, and then the thorax in an oval and pelvis. Then connect them with the spine’s line and show the legs.




Step 2

With a U-shaped line, depict the muzzle. Next, depict the ear. draw a long line to show the neck’s lower part.




Step 3

Now let’s add volume to the front limbs. Draw the leg’s contours Don’t forget about hooves and joints, as shown in the example by the artists at




Step 4

Then, using the aid with an arcuate line show the belly. And using another line, show the back using the bump, the line of which flows seamlessly through the tail.




Step 6

Let’s now look at the rear legs. Draw the rear limbs as the designers of did in the photo below.




Step 7

Put the pencil down and use an eraser to remove the animal sketch from the auxiliary strokes as well as lines. Make sure to darken the lines in order to get better sharpness.




Step 8

Let’s now add some final adjustments, and, for more precision, we’ll draw the face. It’s not that difficult, just do it according to the examples by the artists at




Step 9

Then, use the eraser and wipe off any remaining strokes and auxiliary strokes from your artwork, making it clear and clear.




Step 10

Take the sand coloring and paint the camel as the artists from painted in the picture lower. Also, you can paint shadows, which will make your camel painting appear more vibrant and attractive.




All that’s left, my dear readers. The editors and artists of have reached the final part of the instructions on drawing the camel. Make sure you check out our other categories and instructions to improve your drawing skills.

We’re waiting for your feedback and comments because your feedback is extremely crucial to us. Additionally, you can write us about the things you’d like to see in the next instructions. Also, sign up to via social network platforms and upload your artwork on the site.

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