Hey everyone and welcome to our drawing tutorial on drawing the Cadillac Escalade step by step! It’s a large SUV made by Cadillac which is a luxurious segment that is part of General Motors. In addition, the word “escalade” is a way of securing the wall, with the help of stairs.

Step 1
We begin by sketching the main lines for the Cadillac Escalade. The car has many straight lines, and the car itself is an enormous box.

Step 2
Let’s put a few simple features to our vehicle. Begin by sketching out the outline of the headlights that are angular and the grille. Then, draw the front-view mirrors as well as wheel arches and wheels.

Step 3
With the aid of dark and clear lines, trace the headlights and grille that is situated behind the headlights. Then, in the center of the grille for radiators, create the Cadillac logo. Cadillac.

Step 4
Draw a straight drawing line for the hood. Next, go a bit lower and draw the bumper, adding small grilles along with fog lamps. Make sure to erase the lines we traced in the beginning.

Step 5
Let’s get up to the very top of our Cadillac Escalade and draw out the roof. It is important to note that the roof of the Escalade is very high.

Step 6
From the side, draw the lines of mirrors and windows of the rearview. Be aware that the windows are very high, not like cars such as Maserati as well as Tesla Model S.

Step 7
Following along the window lines, draw through the doorways. On the doors, draw the handles. Next, draw the rear of the car as well as the molding.

Step 8
Continue to draw the lesson on drawing the Cadillac Escalade. Then we draw the angular wheel arches as well as the circles of the wheels.

Step 9
And the final step where is drawing the rims. Remember that the rims are in any shape or size.

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