how to draw a cactus

What is your favorite flower? We love cacti. We have always been skeptical of flower arrangements. We prefer flowers that are fresh in pots. The Cactus is an excellent illustration of a flower for the home that is enjoyed throughout the year. We decided to give an exercise on drawing the Cactus.


Step 1

Begin by drawing an oval-shaped vertical figure. It is evident that this image is expanding. This shape should be placed on top of the paper.





Step 2

Now, let’s include two branches to our Cactus. We can now create two branches for our Cactus. There are two branches of various sizes situated laterally in relation to that of the central trunk. It is important to note these branches are placed at different heights.





Step 3

If you sketch a cactus in the desert, you can bypass this step. We will draw what we think is the shape of the top portion of the pot. It appears to be a tiny trapezoid near the top of the photo.





Step 4

Then we will continue the instruction of drawing the outline of a Cactus. Let’s sketch your outline to the shape of the planter. You may choose a flower pot with different shapes to suit your preference.





Step 5

What is the difference between a cactus and the other species? Naturally, the best solution is the needle. In this stage, we’ll sketch the approximate contours of needles from the cactus that are like horizontal and vertical short strokes.





Step 6

Let’s get rid of any extra lines left by the earlier steps. Mark the contours of the final shape with clean lines.





Step 7

It is impossible to imagine a color other than the cactus, other than green. So, we chose the light green color for this stage. It is possible to paint your flower pots with any color at your own discretion.


This is the end of our drawing exercise. We attempted to make it as simple as possible. We hope your cactus is extremely cool. Come back soon to the pages at

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