When we finish our drawing classes, we frequently request our students to write us with suggestions for drawing lessons to come. For a lot of our classes, our students request us to demonstrate what to draw in cabbage. Therefore, the lesson is now ready and you can scroll down to begin the process of drawing.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch out the outline of the cabbage in the shape of an easy circle. Be careful not to push too hard with the pencil during the first steps.

Step 2
With the aid of long and winding lines, draw the outline that the leaf will have. Make sure that the leaves be very uneven and distinct from each other.

Step 3
We can give the cabbage a more refined appearance. In order to do this, we’ll sketch all the cabbage using dark and clear lines, and eliminate any unnecessary lines.

Step 4
Let’s now add the final touches. By using dense hatching, we’ll create shadows on the lower region of the cabbage. We will also create a cast shadow on the surface where the cabbage is.

It is not possible to claim that all drawing lessons that we provide on our website are easy however the one on drawing cabbage was certainly very easy. We believe that all of our viewers will be able to deal with this course, however, should you encounter any issues or have any difficulties, please inform us about the issue.

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