How To Draw A Buzzard

How To Draw A Buzzard

Step one:

The first step is to establish the basic guidelines, the lines and circles to define the shape.

Step two:

Let’s draw the head and brows and also the initial stage of the beak.

step three:

Here are the step-by-step instructions to making the head appear in two simple steps.

Step four:

Now, let’s begin drawing the chest and the wings as well. Make use of light strokes to create feather details.

Step five:

Then drawing of the left side and the feathers, making sure that your lines on the outside thick, and the feathering inside nice and thin.

Step  six:

Next, draw the remainder of the wing, as well as the tail feathers.

Step  seven:

We will draw the right foot to create the buzzard. You should always draw the overlaid foot first.

Step eight:

Draw the left foot. Make sure to keep your toes in close proximity and bundled together in order to create a perspective.

Step  nine:

With thin lines, continue with the drawing of scales over the feet and legs.

Step ten:

Then, draw the tree from which the bird is eating on.

Step eleven:

When you are happy with the sketch the sketch should look like this. I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial. There will be many more tutorials like this coming soon!

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