Hello! In your comments, you suggested that we teach us drawing buttons. This is a simple thing to do and we created this lesson as quickly as we went through it.

Step 1
In the beginning, we draw an oval that is normal. Then, you need to draw a border within the oval as we did in our drawing

Step 2
In this stage, draw four circles. These should be placed in the middle of the circle.

Step 3
We’ve almost made an icon. Let’s make it more abundant.

Step 4
We can now create light shadows. It was really easy did it not?

The lesson focused on drawing buttons. It’s likely that it is among the most simple lessons (if not the easiest instruction) that you can find on 3DVKARTS. In case you’re not aware that in the class “For Beginners” on our site, you will discover a wide range of drawing tutorials that are extremely easy to follow. Similar lessons are also available on Pinterest. Pinterest website, only in a shorter format. Be sure to follow our social media pages and don’t neglect to post our sketching lessons.

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