how to draw a butterfly

Are you looking to learn the art of drawing butterflies like a professional artist? If yes, then this tutorial on drawing an easy butterfly is what you’ve been searching for!

We broke this lesson down into eight simple steps and we highlighted every new stage in red to help simplify the process of learning as much as possible.

Do you have the paper or pencil at hand? If yes, let’s jump into the amazing universe of artwork.


Step 1

Begin by drawing an oval for the head, and an oval body. Don’t try to make these lines uniform and symmetrical.




Step 2

Then, you can create the lower part of our beautiful insect. In general, butterflies come in various appearances. You could make them thinner and longer, or thinner and shorter.




Step 3

Now, let’s sketch the wings of the insect, or better begin drawing the wings. Make two lines like the artists from did.




Step 4

In the fourth step, the sketching process is completed for the upper parts that make up the wings. In order to do this, draw curvy lines, as shown this sketch.




Step 5

The lower sections of wings may have various shapes. Repetition them in the same way as our butterfly illustration or design your own unique shape.




Step 6

Go towards one of the heads on your insect you’ve drawn and draw two small, eyes. Draw two small eyes. Next, create two antennas using two long curves.




Step 7

Draw a pattern in the butterfly’s wings. stunning creature. You could try repeating the pattern like the illustration drawn by the artists from Make up your own design or draw it with a picture of butterflies found on the Internet.




Step 8

The butterfly is perhaps one of the most beautiful creatures found in nature. Nature itself suggests that we use our imagination to draw butterflies. Paint the insect with the most interesting color For instance we picked the color orange.




If you’ve read this article, likely, you’ve gone through each step in the instructions on drawing butterflies. Did you find this lesson enjoyable? Was it a great help for you? Tell us what you think as it is important to us. We look through all your comments and will respond to a lot of them.

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