How to draw a Butterfly Tattoo Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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For the tattoo to begin, with a tribal butterfly you’ll draw a vertical line. Then draw the domes that the butterflies wings. Be sure to add lips to the wings too.

Step 2

Draw the remainder of the wings, and then the design of the abdomen that appears like the shape of a cone. Draw the head’s circle before drawing the tribal razor line patterns for the butterfly’s antenna.

Step 3

Then, you will begin drawing tribal lines along the edges of the wings, and then proceed onto the next stage.

Step 4

Start to draw your tribe using the bottom section of the wings, and then make incisions on the stomach of the tribe of butterflies. Draw small circles in the wings proceed into the following step.

Step 5

This is the final drawing step . All you need be doing is trace the remainder of the design lines on the lower part of the butterflies wings, and then begin erasing the guides and designs that you’ve created. Draw in step one.

Step 6

Once you’ve learned “how to draw an intricate butterfly” it will look something like this. Fill it in with various shades of hue, or you can leave it in black.

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