How to draw a Butterfly (Luna Moth) Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

As with all moths There are many intricate patterns and intricate details that can be seen in this particular moth.

To make it easier, we have broken the drawing down into parts in the lesson on drawing the drawing of a moth.

This makes it easier to master any difficult components and details you might come across!

We’ll begin with the center of this moth. To accomplish this, you’ll need small circles and curves for the head of the moth.

This includes the insect senses , and they will be drawn in curving, pointed shapes.

Then, we’ll trace the upper part of our wings. To draw this, just draw a few lines that are slightly curled in a horizontal direction from the bottom of the head.

In this sketch it is our intention to strive for symmetry. So, try your best to get them identical lengths and angles.

Step 2: Now, draw the moth’s body
This moth’s body is tiny, so we will draw the body’s outline during this stage of drawing a luna moth.

Begin by extending two lines, both short and curving downwards from the top. The result will be a square form below the first line and leave gaps in the middle.

After that, some curves make the rounded part below before we create the belly.

The bottom of your body comprised of a round outline that includes lines that are short along it to create sections. You’ll then be prepared for the next step in the guide!

Step 3. Make the top part of the wing’s decoration
The third step in our guide step-by-step guide on drawing the outline of a moth is where things could become a bit complicated!

We’ll be working on the decorative elements of the wings. that is probably the most difficult component of moth.

But, as long you keep an watch on the image we used as a reference, you should not have a problem with it!

The first step is to use curve lines to form the bottom edge of the upper portion of the wings. Then , we’ll apply circles and curves for the pattern on the wings.

Another thing to consider is that it is best to ensure that it appear as symmetrical as you can. If you’re having difficulty getting it right, copying our reference image is the most effective method to get it done!

Step 4 – Then to add the remainder of the outline
Now we will finish the remainder of the outline of the wing before we begin on the last details in this drawing of a luna moth.

Then, draw the edges of the wings using Wavy lines. Then , we’ll draw the thin, long tails of the wings which will be following the moth.

After you’ve completed the outline You can then include some more details. After you’ve finished these specifics, we’ll be set to finalize the details and the next section in the course!

5. Add your final details to the drawing of your luna moth
We’ll just require a few additional information before we move to the end of the tutorial on luna moths!

These details are typically found in the patterns that are on the wings. You can add some simple curves and shapes all over the wings.

After these are completed Once you have them, you can include your own! It could be a background or even insects. What would you do to complete this gorgeous image?

Step 6: Finish your drawing of a luna moth with the color
This is the last stage of drawing this luna moth and, in it, we’ll finish it off with some coloring.

It is renowned for its gorgeous soft colors. This is what we have done in our photo.

The moth is famous for its lime green hue however, while we chose the lime green color we used the light blue color for several kinds.

Do you prefer these colors, or alter it to create your own moth? We also thought that the paint color was ideal for this photo, however whatever medium you pick will look stunning!

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