How To Draw A Bush Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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This tutorial will show you how to draw a bush.

This will create more dust, and make the image look more interesting.

The final image that we are aiming for might seem complicated when you look at it. But, we have broken it down into smaller steps.

We will be using curved lines to draw these leaves. These curved leaves will have obvious indentations that give each leaf a rough appearance.

These leaves are very large, and will have some ridge detail as shown in the reference photo.

Step 2 – Next draw more leaves for your bush

In the previous step, we drew the first leaves for this bush drawing. We will then draw more leaves for its center.

We will use the same method as for the leaves we used to make these new leaves, but they will be thinner.

While the previous ones may have leaned a little, these will still stick up straight into the air.

They will be the same outline as the final sketches, but with different details. You are now ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Draw smaller leaves for your bush

We have so far only drawn large leaves in this tutorial on how to draw a bush. We’ll be drawing some smaller shapes in this step.

These leaves will be the base of the bush and will be drawn in a series of circles with pointed tips at their top.

These smaller leaves will have a smoother border than larger ones, and we won’t make obvious dents.

We’ll fill the gap on the right side soon, although there will be some gaps.

Step 4 – Now draw more leaves

Now we are going to finish the last steps of your bush drawing! This fourth tutorial will show you how to add leaves to the top and the base.

This will add a leaf to the top and begin some outlines that we’ll finish in step 2.

Next, we will finish the base of your leaves by drawing another group of leaves to the left of the ones you have drawn.

After these leaves are drawn, it’s time to finish the details and finalize the next section.

Step 5: Add final details to your bush-drawing

You are now ready to color the last step in our bush drawing tutorial.

We will then draw some more large leaves from the top of the bush.

After the final leaves have been drawn, it’s time to add details and strokes.

You can make this drawing more interesting by adding background to it.

You can make a beautiful garden setting by painting the background. Add flowers, plants and small animals, such as rabbits, if you have enough time.

This is only one approach you have, so you should enjoy creating the ideal setting for your art!

Step 6 – Finish your bush drawing by adding some color

You’ll finish the bush drawing with amazing colors. As you can see, for a bush we used a lot green in our reference photo.

You can create dynamic textures even if you only use one color. However, you can still make them pop by mixing as many colors as you want.

You can combine the colors in our example but you can also use other colors and shades.

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