How to Draw a Bus

We decided to pay more focus on drawings that have lots of sleek lines as well as smooth curves. We therefore created an instructional video on drawing the bus.


Step 1

There are numerous kinds of buses. For our drawing tutorial today we have decided to select an option that has smooth as well as even curves. Here are the minimum amount of smooth and rounded components. So, in the initial stage, we draw two rectangles adjacent to each other.



Step 2

The cutouts here are to the wheel on the side as well as the contours of the windshield at one side of the cabin.



Step 3

Take a close look at the cutouts of the wheels from the earlier step and sketch the wheels. Pay attention to the positions of the wheels and the holes in our example. At this point, we also sketch the outline of straight headlights.



Step 4

Let’s focus on the lateral side that we have on our bus. This stage will show the windows’ transverse contours and the door’s vertical lines. Make sure to use the straightest lines.



Step 5

A bus can’t travel with two tires, does it not? Exactly. This is why, at this point, we’ll draw the wheels that are further away. Pay attention to the distinct size and shape of the wheels.



Step 6

This drawing guideline for drawing an outline of a bus. This section will be dedicated exclusively to the vertical line. We will draw four vertical lines which divide the doors and the casements of our bus into equal parts.



Step 7

Are you exhausted? The rest of the journey is quiet. We will now sketch the circuits on that top part of the bus. This is by far the only spot with smooth contours throughout all of the buses, with the exception of the wheels.



Step 8

As with all our tutorials, we emphasize an additional step to ensure you can review the entire picture and rectify any mistakes that were present in the initial stages.



Step 9

We chose to go with the classic color of buses. It is, of course, yellow. There are other colors you can choose on the bus, like red.



The lesson is simple but very useful drawing instruction. This article is designed for you to get comfortable drawing basic geometric shapes and straight lines. You could also follow a similar instructional course on drawing tables.

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