In one of our previous drawing lessons, we taught you the steps to draw the hamburger step-by-step. However, this lesson on drawing a hamburger is slightly different from the previous lesson. This time we’ll draw the same thing, however in a different method. Before we start drawing, let’s make a few notes. It is important to be noted that there are an amazing variety of hamburgers, with different toppings and also diverse buns (strange to think about however, there are hamburgers where instead of buns, you get two leaves with lettuce). However, it is important to remember that the basic principle behind drawing all hamburgers, even the most bizarre, is the same. Therefore, based on the words of the scene we can draw hamburgers.

Step 1

Let’s draw a burger using the basic outline of this traditional dish. By using very thin lines, design an outline that is flat at the base and rounded towards the top. Make use of the tiniest lines so that you avoid any problems when adding the required specifics and adjustments.


Step 2

Let’s draw the burger’s filling today. In this drawing, you will look at a typical set comprised of cheese, a patty, sauce as well as tomatoes, and lettuce. Naturally, it is possible to could include other elements such as bacon, and jalapeno

. Draw these details using very thin and transparent lines.



Step 3

A sketch for our food has been completed and now it’s time to begin adding details and creating the final appearance of the burger sketch. Utilizing dark and clear lines, be sure to trace all the small details, like the designers on did. Finish the third step by removing any irrelevant guidelines of the hamburger drawing using an eraser.


Step 4

The burger illustration is finished, and there’s just one thing to do – add shadows. Utilize hatching to draw the shadows. The burger has many various parts. Each one of them casts shadows so take this into consideration when drawing shadows. Don’t neglect to sketch a shadow over the surface.


There is every reason to think that, with the help of this drawing course in four steps even the most inexperienced and less experienced artist can master what it takes to draw a hamburger. As we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, all burgers are drawn in the same way. However, you are able to slightly alter your burger by changing the filling inside it, such as adding bacon, or altering the buns, such as using sesame. Don’t ignore our work in the area of social media that we post every day a variety of interesting and valuable.

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