How to Draw a Bunny

The time has come to draw animals. time to start drawing animals isn’t it? We decided to begin the process of drawing animals by drawing one of the most adorable and beautiful creatures of all time.


We’re not talking about cats. While cats are definitely extremely good. It’s about rabbits. The title of the article =”>That is the reason we have created a drawing guide that will instruct you to draw a rabbit.


Step 1

In the beginning, then, we draw two rounded forms that are across the diagonal. The smaller figure is to be placed on the front. The larger one is in the back. It resembles the shell of a tortoise.





Step 2

You wouldn’t think of an animal with ears, isn’t it? Of course, there are many types of rabbits that have small ears. We will however draw the ears of a rabbit that are medium length. In this step, we’ll sketch an outline of the ears. The ear that is closest to us appears larger than the other due to the angle.





Step 3

With facial characteristics, everything is quite easy. We only have to draw a sketch of an eye that appears like an egg from a chicken and a tiny elongated nose.





Step 4

The face of the rabbit shouldn’t appear like an ordinary oval. There are cheeks, foreheads, and the lower jaw. It is essential to create smooth bends in these areas.





Step 5

Another important aspect of the look of any rabbit is its tail. Draw it in a rounded form with sharp edges. We’ll also draw a tiny swath over the chest. This is also akin to an elongated figure and has sharp edges.





Step 6

This is the next step in our drawing guide to drawing a rabbit. In this stage, we sketch out an outline for the front foot. This is a round figure without an upper portion and is split by two smooth lines.





Step 7

The back foot is drawn. She appears like an elongated figure similar to that of the front foot. The distinction is that the curve of the front foot is directed towards the other side. This is exactly like the motion in the lesson on how to draw a mouse.




Step 8

Therefore, we remove the extra lines that our rabbit has drawn on it. We pay particular attention to the contours of the lines in the ears and on the paws.





Step 9

Then add color to the sketch. It is not possible to paint over the rabbit in order to make it appear white. We chose to color the bunny brown. Be aware of the white glare in the eye.




The lesson was easy instruction. Your bunny appears cool, isn’t it? If you notice any errors within your images it is important to determine what step in which the error occurred. If you can’t find the mistake yourself, then send us your images in the comments section and we’ll help you.

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