how to draw a bunny face

The artists from demonstrated how to draw the face of a bunny in this article. Below, you’ll find nine steps in the art of drawing a bunny’s face.


Step 1

Then, we begin to sketch the head of a rabbit using an ordinary oval. It’s a sort of base from which we can create the details to come later.




Step 2

Bunnies are famous for their cheeks that are chubby. Therefore, by using a variety of fluffy and ragged lines, you can show the round cheeks and rounded ears of the rabbit.




Step 3

Bunnies are also famous for their large ears. In this instance, we’ll simply draw the ears of these animals by using lengthy lines.




Step 4

Then draw a curly head with large eyes that resemble almonds. Be aware that the eyes of the bunny are separated enough.




Step 5

To give the bunny a more realistic appearance draw the lines that run through the ears. The lines should be light and smooth.




Step 6

Let’s now draw the rabbit’s mouth and nose. Start with the nose making it look like the shape of a checkmark. Then, the short vertical strip, followed by an eye that resembles that of the W letter.




Step 7

Give the nose a larger appearance. Then with ragged and fluffy lines, draw the chin and the muzzle. Draw the lower lip using the lips in a shorter line.




Step 8

The bunny head illustration is nearly done, but we have to get rid of the lines drawn in the initial step. For better clarity, trace the design using dark lines.




Step 9

You are now at the end of learning the drawing of a rabbit’s face. Pick light brown or gray, and draw the rabbit. Make use of pink for the ears as well as black eyes. The white dots of glare around the eyes add a vivid look to the bunny’s face.




This is it for you, dear art enthusiasts and artists the step-by-step guide on drawing the bunny head has been completed. We just need to inform our readers of the fact that has social media accounts and we’re eager to hear your feedback and suggestions. We’re also looking forward to the artwork that you are able to upload to our social networks.

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