How to Draw A Bun || Cake Drawing Easy

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Lantern Step by Step

Step 1

This is a trick that you can employ for every new drawing you create It can make your things much easier by starting drawing with lighter pencils before moving to. pencil or dark pencil.

If you start using the pen straight away it could cause you to think about messes that could cause you to be even more messy!

We will use pencils for the first part of our instruction on drawing buns.

The bun isn’t very difficult shape or image to draw, however it’s usually the drawings with less complexity which are the easiest to get wrong!

By using a pencil, are able to draw your top bun in a flat bottom and then rounded towards the top.

The bottom tuft is flat at the bottom, and will be less than its top. If you’re satisfied with its form it’s possible to use a pencil to draw your top bun.

Step 2: Next create pencil lines for the bun’s bottom

After you’ve created and inked your top part of your hair and inked the top hair, you can repeat similar with the bottom of the bun.

If you’re happy with the way the bottom bun appears compared to the image we used as a reference then you can carefully draw the lines using the pen.

After you’ve drawn your pencil lines, you may remove the lines drawn in the beginning, as you’ll no longer require them.

Step 3 – Now , draw the specifics for the lower section of the bun

With the outline drawn and the outline complete, we’ll add a few details in the next steps of our guide on drawing buns.

The specifics of the next step need to be easy but effective. All you have be able to draw tiny lines across the bread’s bottom, making it appear like it has some texture.

Step 4 – Begin adding detail details of grain to your bun design

We’ll be adding more information and components to your bun drawing over the subsequent phases of this guide.

We will now add beads on edge of our bun. We’ll go over this in the video tutorial, but you could also add overlays of your own If you’d like!

To make the bead, all you have you do is to trace tiny circles on the left-hand right side of the bun.

Step 5: Now, you must complete the last details

You are able to finalize the details and add additional information of your own to the next step on our bun guide.

For a final touch the drawing, you can draw additional seeds on the right edge of the bun. These are the details we’ve included for this sketch, but feel free to draw other elements that you think are appropriate!

These additional details could include the top coat that goes on the bun, but it could be fun to demonstrate what you’ll see between the cakes. Could it be a huge hamburger or perhaps an ice cream sandwich?

There is no right or wrong answer , and you can choose whatever you wish!

This is your opportunity to show us your creativity and take it further by creating an amazing background to draw on.

Perhaps you could mention other delicious foods you can enjoy while eating this vermicelli!

Step 6 – Complete your bun’s drawing using color

Once your bun drawing is complete You can enjoy coloring it!

In our illustration we chose several shades of brown to highlight the image However, feel free to choose any hue you’d like to use for the image!

Even if you don’t want to make your buns more colorful There are ways that to add some vibrant colors to it.

This could include coloring the sandwich’s filling the bun is making as well as coloring any background elements that you might have sketched.

When you’ve chosen the color you’d like to use then all you have to do is to select the medium you’d like to apply it with!

Acrylic crayons and paints are great for creating more vivid and uniform colors , if that’s what you’re looking for in your image.

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