How to Draw a Bull

This drawing tutorial will teach you the steps to draw a bull. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a bull.

Before we begin the lesson on drawing a bull, it is important to note that most mammals can be drawn almost in the same manner. The process of drawing a bull is very similar to that of drawing a cat, or a donkey.

We will go over in detail all the steps required to draw a bull. You will also find some helpful tips to make your bull drawing more exciting.


How to Draw a Bull

Step 1

Begin drawing the bull by sketching three circles. The largest circle is for the head. The biggest circle is for the chest. The smaller circle is for the pelvis.




Step 2

With three lines, draw the neck, spine, and tail. Next, draw the limbs at their bottom. Here, you should use very light lines that are almost invisible.




Step 3

Let’s now get to the details. Begin at the head and draw the outline of the muzzle. You can check for errors by moving away from the drawing from one time to another.




Step 4

Draw a nose at one end of your muzzle. Draw a small eye at the top of your head. There is an alternative way to inspect your drawing for errors. It is possible to flip it upside-down.




Step 5

With a small arched line, draw the crown of your head. Next, draw the bull’s neck using a long, wavy line that flows into the chest.




Step 6

Now, draw the bull’s horns forward. This is what makes our bull identifiable.




Step 7

As shown in the example, draw the bull’s front legs. Draw thickenings around the ligaments when drawing the legs.




Step 8

Draw the hooves below the legs. It is quite simple, as you can see. Every hoof is composed of three lines.




Step 9

Draw the belly of the bull using a long line. The torso is wider in the abdomen, and the pelvis is narrower.




Step 10

Draw the hind legs. These legs are drawn the same as the front legs. This is where it is crucial to accurately draw the leg bends and bumps.




Step 11

Again, we draw the hooves but this time it is on the hind legs. They are identically simple and the same in appearance, but they have three lines.




Step 12

To complete the tail, draw a long, curving line. Draw a tuft at the tip of your tail as illustrated in the example.




Step 13

Take the eraser and put aside your pencil. Take care to erase all of the initial steps. You can make your bull drawing more expressive by using a pencil or a liner to outline it.




Step 14

We chose to use brown skin for the bull, dark brown nose and hooves, and black eyes. The horns were beige.




We mentioned at the beginning that you can make your bull drawing more interesting.

You could, for example, depict a field with mountains and trees as the background. This will place the bull in its natural habitat.

To give your drawing a more realistic and vibrant look, you can use more shadows.

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