How To Draw A Bull Skull Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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To begin this guide on drawing the skull of a cow begin with the most famous component of the skull that is the horns!

Then, you can use curve lines to design an upper part of your skull, as well as its lower corners. After that, use lines that are bumpy to create large horns that curl upwards like they do in the image we used as a reference.

After you’ve drawn all these components then you’ll be ready for step two in the guide!

Step 2: Then, outline the lower portion of the skull.
After you’ve completed the upper portion in your drawing of the bull’s skull you can now focus on the bottom part in this next step.

The lower part of the skull starts just below the cheekbones that are rough Then it gets narrower as it moves down.

In lieu of being one single line instead, it’s composed of multiple interconnected lines as illustrated in our illustration.

This will be taken over the outline and in the next couple of steps, we’ll be focusing on the particulars inside.

Step 3 – Then add some details to the outline
In this third part of our cow skull sketching lesson, we will concentrate on the sockets that support the eyes and the nose of the skull.

Make use of some strange black designs on either side of your face to create the illusion of eyes. Try to make them appear as symmetrical as you can and attempt to place them exactly where we placed them in our illustration.

You can then use thinner black shapes to fill in those nasal spaces. Once the nasal cavities are drawn and shaped, we’ll add a curves to the middle of the skull. then move on to the next section.

Step 4: Now, draw some specifics for the Horn.
The goal is to make it easy to draw your cow skull step. In the meantime, we’ll concentrate on the horns on the skull.

To do this, just draw a few curved lines that extend into the interior of the sides of the Hornline.

This can add visual interest to the horns as well as give them that rugged appearance that real horns are known for.

After you’ve entered these details Once you’ve added these details, we’ll include the final data in the following step. So proceed forward!

Step 5 – Apply the last finishing touches to your cow’s skull design
This portion of our drawing cow skull drawing tutorial will focus on adding the final elements to make it truly complete in a unique manner.

We’ll be adding lots of lines on the drawings, but be sure not to get too confused since it’s not as complicated as it seems!

It’s crucial to remember that the skull must appear like it’s symmetrical. In this regard, take a careful look at the image of reference and attempt to design the first part of these specifics.

It will also simplify the process to mirror your actions on the other side.

Once you’ve completed decorating the skull, it’s time to include your personal features and details!

It can be incorporated into a stunning design, or even add spoiler-filled details to come up with ideas. What other possibilities do you have to complete this design?

Step 6 – Complete your cow skull sketch by using some color
In this last step of your bull skull drawing we’ll wrap it up with some color. Skulls tend to be light and dull in their hue, which is our approach in our sample image.

We chose to incorporate a variety of shades of brown to the bull’s horns. for the skull itself , we utilized mild brown, and beige complement the look.

You could choose an identical color palette to create more realistic appearance There are numerous methods to finish this sketch!

Combining with some of the most vibrant shades, you can create an amazing image. The mediums you select for your artistic work can have a significant impact on the color of your image.

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