This drawing lesson is dedicated to drawing the head of a bull. Utilizing the rules and techniques that are taught in this drawing tutorial, you can draw not just the heads of bulls but also the head of a buffalo, cow, or any other animal.

Step 1
The head must be drawn using the help of a circle. With a circle sketch the muzzle of the bull. Draw two lines on the neck before moving to step two.

Step 2
We sketch the horns with an outline in the shape of the letters U. Draw the ears in a line and also the folds of the neck.

Step 3
Sketch out the big eyes as well as a line that outlines the mouth and nose, and lines inside the ears.

Step 4
Take out the guidelines and draw outlines and the details on the front of the bull with clear or dark-colored lines.

Step 5
We will now look at the neck, ears, and horns by removing lines that are not needed from their necks and drawing them with clean lines.

Step 6
The last stage of the lesson is drawing the head of a bull. In this lesson, we’ll paint the eyes and then add a couple of shadows using the technique of hatching.

Are you interested in learning the art of drawing not just the head of the bull, but the other parts of your body? If yes, then tell us about it in the comments section of this article. Don’t overlook additional lessons available on the website to learn to draw cattle, not just, however, you can also draw the kangaroo, whales, and even the Great Wall of China.


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