Hello, dear readers and we’re glad to be here for the class in which we will be learning what it takes to draw bugbear! If you’re already here, then you already have heard that bugbear is one of the monsters that is found in various variations of Dungeons and Dragons and is one of the biggest and most diverse types of goblinoids.

Step 1
Draw the head in simple circles. Then sketch an outline of the backbone using his chest and pelvis. Draw on your arms and legs using simple lines. You can clearly see, the figure of the bugbear is very similar to that of a strong human with short legs.

Step 2
Let’s add some volume in the form of our bear. And as usual, we can do this with very basic geometric shapes like circles and Cylinders. As a final step, you draw the shield in one hand and a morning star in the other. in second hand.

Step 3
We continue our lesson on drawing the face of a bugbear. This time we sketch his facial features. Bugbears get their name due to their appearance to bears. Therefore, draw the bear-like nose, small, angry eyes, and protruding teeth.

Step 4
Remove all lines of unnecessary clutter on the forehead. Draw the big pointed ears. The hair of bugbears like normal bears is extremely hard to draw, so draw hair that sticks and a beard. Additionally, you can add wrinkles to the face.

Step 5
Draw the shield out and make the lines more consistent. On the torso, we sketch the outline of a ragged and slightly hanging dress composed of skins. Additionally, we trace what we think is the armor around the shoulders and its strap which runs throughout the whole human body, and also the dagger behind the belt.

Step 6
We are continuing in drawing the bugbear. Let’s start working on the arm. Complete the armor that is located on your shoulder and in your forearm. Make sure to draw the fist, using an early morning star inside the middle.

Step 7
Sketch the leg of the bear. The upper part of the legs that appear are covered in skin. The upper part is covered with that we sketched in one of the earlier steps. The bugs’ legs are quite similar to the bear’s legs.

Step 8
It’s a good idea, and as we always do in the final stages of our tutorials, let’s apply shadows to the drawing. First, we add hair on the bugbear’s body and the wood structure for the shield. Then we add shadows by using the traditional hatching technique, once we have identified the source of light.

Then we completed drawing the bugbear and it is now time to face the wizards and knights in order to guard the treasure chest hidden in his cave.

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