We would like to welcome everyone to the drawing lesson taught by the team at 3dvkarts. We have decided that it’s worth it to draw an easy drawing lesson for something that is familiar to everyone on planet Earth. We’ll begin with our lesson on drawing an empty bucket.

Step 1
The bucket we draw is smooth and uniform. In order to achieve this, draw a unidirectional vertical line.

Step 2
In the upper portion of the line drawn in the previous step, we create an oval.

Step 3
With two straight lines, trace the edges of the sides that make up the bottom of your bucket. By using a line that is slightly curly, sketch the bucket’s bottom.

Step 4
We just have to use an eraser and erase the line we traced in the first step. we don’t need it anymore.

Step 5
In the upper section, it is necessary to draw the mount. Then we draw a handle for the bucket with the help of two long curved lines.

Step 6
Draw a grip like in our illustration. With a straight line, create the seam (which is not present on buckets made of steel).

Step 7
Again, we use the eraser and erase the lines that aren’t needed.

Step 8
Then, using straight strokes, we draw the glare. Using dense hatching draw shadows.

The article was one that showed what it takes to draw an empty bucket. We believe, that even those who have a pencil in their hand to draw for the very first time are able to master this tutorial. If you are having any difficulties with this tutorial, please tell us about it in the comments of this article. However, if you can not follow the exact steps in our case don’t be disappointed in the least. The most effective teacher for any artist is to practice. Practice is the only way to learn how to draw like an actual professional artist. and we will assist you in improving your skills.


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