Many drawing lessons were designed by the creators of the website. Today we will demonstrate what it takes to draw Brussels sprouts. We believe that everyone is able to draw Brussels sprouts. According to some, even scrambled eggs are found to be different for a normal person, and for a chef, in the world of graphic art, it is true that even the most basic things can be drawn beautifully or poorly. Drawing vegetables is essential for those who wish to learn how to draw still lives.

Step 1

Begin sketching the shape of a Brussels sprout that has a normal circular shape. Don’t try to draw a sketch of Brussels sprouts that are perfectly round and too dark.


Step 2

The next step is to identify the largest leaf in the Brussels sprouts drawing. The lines of the leaf should be sharp and somewhat sinuous. The stem should also be depicted with simple lines.


Step 3

Now, let’s begin to darken and thicken the lines of the drawing of vegetables. Create all lines of the leaf lines clear and more treacherous. Then, draw large and deep veins on the leaves surface.


Step 4

In order to achieve this, we must draw shadows by the technique of rubbing or hatching. To ensure that the drawing of your vegetable does not appear to be floating in the air create a cast shadow beneath the vegetable.


It was a class in which we draw an illustration of a Brussels sprout. It is essential to understand how to draw vegetables independently, and in the design of the classic still life alongside apples as well as flowers. Did you enjoy this lesson or not? Let us know in the comments of this article via email. Your feedback is important to us as we design drawings specifically for our users. Don’t forget to let us know what you would like to be able to see on the pages of

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