How To Draw A Brushtail Possum

How To Draw A Brushtail Possum

Step one:

Let’s get started with the principles that will form the body and face of a possum.

Step two:

To begin with the face’s shape first, draw the ears first.

Step three:

Draw the basic face for the possum.

Step four:

Next, draw the inside details of the ear.

Step five:

I’ve compiled all the steps that pertain to the face and the eyes in these three easy steps!

Step six:

Let’s sketch the rear and then romp to this adorable animal.

Step seven:

Then you will draw the foot and tail.

Step eight:

Let’s trace the marks under the possum’s belly and chest areas.

Sep nine:

Draw the tree as well as the details as well.

Step ten:

After you’ve reviewed your sketch, you’ll be able to come up with something similar this! I hope that you all liked these tutorials. I had a blast creating this tutorial especially 🙂

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