Dear artists and art lovers. We are pleased to present a brand new drawing tutorial, where we teach you the art of drawing with a brush. Today we’ll draw a large brush that can be helpful to the artist and a builder.

Step 1
First, we trace an outline of a rectangle. it’s the bristles and ferrule of the brush. Then trace the handle by using very thin lines.

Step 2
Then, using straight lines, you can divide bristles and ferrule. Make a hole in the top of the hand.

Step 3
Eliminate all unneeded guidelines from the earlier steps. With the aid of straight lines, trace the outline that the painter will draw.

Step 4
With short strokes, make bristles using short strokes. Attach two dots and lines on the ferrule.

Step 5
With short strokes, we can include some shadows and glare in the brush drawing.

Today, we did a great job with the lesson about drawing a brush. Alongside drawing lessons on using a pencil as well as a cup the lesson was easy, even a beginner is able to deal with it. We’re not done reminding you that we’re working not just on the lessons we teach on this website but also on social media where we announce new lessons as well as announcements about upcoming articles.

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