As you know that the team at would like to show how to draw everything around the globe, and this is why we’ll demonstrate what to draw with the Broom.
In this lesson, we’ll sketch a modern broom however, using this lesson, you could draw a broom that is the old-fashioned variety, made out of a branch and a stick (we sketched a broom like this in the lesson on witches). witch).

Step 1
In order to draw the broom first, we must sketch out the outline of the bristles and the handle. Make sure not to push too hard with the pencil. Make very thin lines to allow for changes as you go along.

Step 2
Make the third line on the handle, making it thicker. Draw the lower part of the bristles to make it larger. In this stage, your drawing of a broom may look like a shovel. But in the future, we’ll change this of course.

Step 3
Draw the ropes to be used to hold bristles. Next, sketch the bristles’ texture with long strokes. The lines shouldn’t extend too far. Natural lines make them thicker in the vicinity of the transverse lines.

Step 4
We’ll start using shadows. There aren’t a lot of them. We are going to add shadows with thick hatching as depicted in the image below. If you’ve done your homework correctly the drawing of your broom should look like this.

Today, the team from demonstrated the art of drawing a bumper. We have already mentioned that this lesson could be used to draw a standard one and also a broom that is a magical one to draw a witch, Baba Yaga as well as Harry Potter. If you’re looking to learn how to draw more of these things, you can visit our category named “Misc”, in which it is, as the name implies we offer a vast range of drawing lessons.


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