How to Draw A Broken Heart

Internationally, the heart is recognized as an emblem of affection and love. Although emotions are processed in the mind, many cultures believe that emotions such as love come from the heart.

The heart can be used to represent love or it can be changed to signify a broken heart.

Although no one wants to break hearts, it is helpful to know how to draw one. This symbol can be used to express sympathy, or in a journal to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

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This step-by step guide will show you how to draw an empty heart. It will make it easy for you to learn how to do this!

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a broken-hearted heart. We’ll be drawing the two sides of the heart and connecting it at the bottom.

We will begin by drawing a straight line to form the top left-hand corner of the broken heart.

You can now move on to the next step once you have the curved line as shown in the reference photo.

2nd Step:

For this portion of your broken heart drawing, we will continue to draw the left-hand side.

Keep extending the curve line you created in the previous step at an angle. This part should be drawn as if it were a complete, unbroken heart.

3rd Step:

Once you’ve drawn the first half of the broken-heart drawing, you can continue with the other two steps.

The right-hand halves of the heart will be almost identical to the left-hand sides, but the top will be slightly lower than the left.

If your drawing is identical to the reference image, there should be a slight gap between the lines.

In the next steps, we will use this gap to create the hole between the two heart pieces.

4th Step:

You can draw straight lines down to the heart for this step of your broken-heart drawing.

The line should end near the bottom of your heart but not quite reach the bottom. In the next steps, we will draw the broken side of our heart. Let’s get on with it!

5th step:

In this step, we will finish the drawing portion in our guide on how you can draw a broken-hearted heart.

After we have completed these details, it is time to move onto the coloring stage. You can also draw the broken edges of your heart before you start coloring.

Draw straight lines parallel to the inner ones, starting at the top of your right-hand inner heart.

This line will then connect to the bottom end of the previous one

Your broken heart drawing is now complete. You can add some final details before you move on.

You have many options to personalize this drawing. To make the heart look more like cracked porcelain, you could add textures to it.

You can also add text to the heart or draw shapes in the background. What do you think your chances of finishing this drawing before you begin to color it?

6th Step:

This brings us to the last step in your broken heart drawing. This is where you take control and show off your creativity with your incredible colors.

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