Today, we’ll draw something that is now a symbol of the lack of taste in healthy foods. We aren’t sure the reason for this. We eat broccoli quite often. It helps us to make this website more enjoyable. This is likely the reason that the majority of people visit us. Let’s begin a lesson on drawing broccoli.

Step 1
Then we draw a shape that resembles a mushroom cloud. We oppose nuclear weapons and we are against war.

Step 2
Draw the outlines of broccoli heads. It’s becoming more like something that we don’t want to be. D’oh!

Step 3
Everything is now in order. This is the step where we remove the guidelines that were on the upper part of the broccoli, and the broccoli is now shaped as just.

Step 4
The final thing we draw is shadows. They appear like light shading.

Come back for the next drawing classes! Don’t forget to leave an email if you are pleased with our art!

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