How To Draw A Bride Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Anime Kimono Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Start this initial step by drawing a neat circle for her head , and then draw guidelines on the face. Then create guides for the torsoand arms, and finally the lines of the guide to the cape.

Step 2

Start by sketching the front hair of your model in a feathered design. Then , draw the shape of her face. Draw her arms in the next step and add a circle to the bouquet. Then sketch the outline of her wedding dress, as shown here, or to your personal satisfaction.

Step 3

As you can see , your bride is walking around in a different manner. What you have to do is start drawing her nose, eyes and mouth. Then draw her neck , and finally draw the outline that her arms. The next step will be to draw the back part of your dress, and begin sketching the top part of the dress. Then, you will begin making the bouquet right now and sketch all the beautiful flowers on . In this instance it’s 12 roses. You can add creases to the top of the cape, and then seal it.

Step 4

Draw the vale in its entirety after which draw the jewelled crown. Complete her eyes, and hair. Put on a necklace, and apply glove lines to her arms. The ribbons will be wrapped around the bridal bouquet. Then, add folds and creases , as well as clarity and details.

Step 5

Sketch out the hairstyle of the bride and complete detailing her beautiful eyes. Finish her lips and her crown. Eliminate all the rules and patterns you sketched in the first step, to clean up your gorgeous girl.

Step 6

Here’s the look your bride will appear after you’re finished. All you need to color is her, and you’ve learnt “how to draw brides step by step”.

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