Since the beginning of time bread was the main food source for many countries around the globe. In addition, many nations had distinct containers to store bread, but in the Western world, this was a common bread basket for all. Today, the team will teach the user the art of drawing bread baskets.

Step 1
First, let’s draw a typical oval. Next, sketch out the shape that an inverted cylindrical cylinder has right beneath the oval.

Step 2
Then, using the aid with another oval sketch the edging on the upper area of the bread bowl. We can also draw the edging at the bottom.

Step 3
Let’s draw a texture on the bread bowl using an abundance of intersecting lines, like in the image below.

Step 4
To make our bread basket appear more impressive to make it appear more voluminous, we draw shadows using the hatching. If your bread basket appears like this, then you’ve done your job correctly.

The team at today taught you what to draw in a bread bowl. Try to draw the same thing as in our example, or create a bread basket that is not as similar to ours. You can, for instance, include a handle or put the basket on top of the towel.

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