If you’re a regular user of our website probably are aware that we offer lots of extremely difficult drawing lessons. In the comments of nearly all of the challenging lessons, our users constantly asked us to develop more easy drawing tutorials. We’ve already made a number of easy lessons, but today, we have decided to make a “king” in the field of very simple lessons in drawing. This is this lesson to learn drawing a slug of the brain in Futurama.

Step 1
The first part of this lesson is actually quite easy. If we say the task is easy, it implies that it’s actually simple. Simple enough that here is the most common circle.

Step 2
This is actually more complex than the previous one (indeed there is nothing more straightforward than a circle just a line or dots) however, it is nonetheless incredibly simple. This is where we draw the outline of the brain’s body the slug.

Step 3
Are you ready for a new challenging step? We draw pupils in the shape of dots, and then two antennas on side of the skull. As you can see our brain slug is in the process of being ready.

This drawing lesson was actually easy. It is likely that this lesson was simpler than the rest of the lessons. The lesson was dedicated not only to an incomprehensible creature but rather to the character from Futurama. If you’d like to know other characters from the series, please tell us about it.


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