Humankind has been around for millennia. Throughout time, people created various kinds of different types of jewelry. The wearers of bands, amulets, and earrings, Perhaps one of the oldest and most popular kinds of jewelry is the bracelet. Today we will explain and demonstrate the drawing process for the perfect bracelet.

Step 1

To draw a perfect bracelet, we must sketch out the outline of the bracelet in the shape of an oval. Within this oval, we draw another oval, smaller. These lines must be done without the pressurization of the pencil to avoid creating difficulties for you when it comes to the process of erasing or correcting lines that are not needed.

Step 2

By using simple circles, draw the position of the pearls. Be aware that in the side areas there will be overlaps between some pearls and some others. It is crucial to have the pearls round, however at this stage, it’s not required to perfect them in this case, we just need to indicate their positions.

Step 3

With darker lines (or using ink) carefully draw the pearls. In this process, we must make the pearls even and smooth. Then employ an eraser to remove any unnecessary lines on the bracelet. If you’ve done everything correctly then your drawing should be similar to what you can see below.

Step 4

With the aid of hatching, create shadows that form an arc on the lower part of the pearls. The shadows we draw help not only to draw attention to the shadows and lights, however, but they also clearly show the dimensions that the bangle has.

The lesson on drawing the bracelet is over. Today, we created the pearl bracelet, however, this technique can be helpful in drawing other kinds of chains or bracelets. Also, in the section “Clothes” we have prepared for you a variety of different lessons in which we will show you how to draw jewelry and clothes.

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