In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show that you can draw a face of a boy. This guide is part of a series that provides basic instructions on drawing the faces of other people. In each lesson, we provide an approximate outline of steps, but you are able to change the facial features in each step according to your preference.

If your art materials are in order, let’s begin the tutorial on how to draw the face of a boy.

Step 1

Draw a sketch of your face. Do not attempt to create the sketch of the boy’s face too perfect at this point. Put it in the middle of an unfinished piece of paper, If you’re sketching the portrait.



Step 2

Make use of short easy simple lines to show the location of facial features. The lines of the eyes are in the direction of the horizontal lines. The vertical line is a guideline for the shape of the nose, hairstyle, and mouth.


Step 3

Draw the approximate contours for the eye’s outlines. Select any shape of the eyes you like. Keep in mind the tips in the earlier steps.


Step 4

Make small folds of skin around the eyes. If you examine these eye parts you’ll notice the majority of straight lines that create the corners.


Step 5

Now, let’s get to a crucial aspect. Draw pupils. Keep in mind that the placement of the pupils significantly affects the direction of gaze as well as the character of the drawing.


Step 6

Make your eyebrows look more attractive. Pick the best eyebrow shape that suits your style. The width of your eyebrows must not be greater than the size of the eyes in normal proportions. But, you are able to select any aspect ratio.


Step 7

Sketch the nose. Then sketch the distal portion by using the markings that you made when you started the class. Then, attach this to the top edge of the brow as in this illustration.


Step 8

There’s something missing, isn’t it? Naturally, let’s sketch our mouths. This illustration shows the lips that are closed and created by the smooth lines. In this image, the lower lip is slightly bigger than the upper, but you can draw lips in any shape.


Step 9

Make the ears. The top edges of the ears are aligned with the eyebrows. The lower edges of the ear meet with the tips of your nose. If, however, you are drawing someone who is tilting their head downwards or upwards then these guidelines will not work.


Step 10

We continue with the instructions on how to draw a face of a boy. If you’re drawing a hairless character and you want to draw a bald character, then avoid this step. If you are looking for realistic-looking hair you should use the smooth lines in our illustration. Hairlines should be drawn starting from the root up to the ends.


Step 11

Remove all guidelines that are not necessary from the sketch of your boy’s facial features. To give you’re drawing a larger appearance and a more dimensional look, you should make the parts close to us slightly more striking than those farther away from us. This gives the drawing of the boy’s face an impression of realism and volume.


Step 12

Create more lines of light towards the direction hair grows for realistic hair textures. Here you can add more details to your boy’s face drawing, like moles, folds in the skin, and so on. Be sure that you create shadows. This makes your drawing more detailed and more realistic.


If you’ve drawn an image and like the final result, it’s time to enhance your abilities. You can try repeating the steps multiple times, creating different faces using distinct attributes.

Then, draw an image of a face, and then apply different lighting. Then, draw an image from a different viewpoint. These actions will assist you to understand more deeply how to draw an image of a face. You can then apply the ability to automatize.


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