How to Draw a Boy

In this easy eleven-step tutorial, the team at will teach you the art of drawing the drawing of a boy. This guide will be perfect for posts on the differences between a newborn and an adult human.

Like other tutorials offered on will be surprisingly easy, even the most novice artist will be able to master drawing the boy.


Step 1

As with articles on adults, in the lesson on drawing the boy starts withdrawing a skull. The chest, head, and pelvis are represented in the form of ovals, the spine, and the limbs in simple lines.




Step 2

Create two lines that intersect at the center of the oval face. Next, you will create necks in the shape of a small oval that connects the head to the chest. After that, connect the pelvis and chest to create a body.




Step 3

Let’s now draw the upper arms and forearms. With cylinders, create the forearms and upper arms. Then, you can utilize balls to make elbow and shoulder joints. Don’t forget to draw your hands.




Step 4

Then we’ll perform the same exercise, but using the lower body. With the help of larger cylinders, show the shins and thighs, and then using two balls draw the knees. Finish stage four by drawing the feet.




Step 5

Utilizing the lines we sketched in the second step make your own eyes of the boy. With their assistance sketch a tiny eye along with a mouth. Finish the fifth stage by drawing your eyes.




Step 6

Then, draw the ears on both sides like the illustration from the artists at Next, you can go to the top of the page and draw the boy’s slightly messy hairstyle.




Step 7

Now, let’s draw the body that the young boy. Make sure you trace the torso with care and design a T-shirt that includes not only the part of the torso but as well as the top portion of the arms.




Step 8

Then let’s complete our arms as they are, drawing them using smoother lines. At the same time sketch the fingers as well as the hands in a unified way.




Step 9

Then we move to the lower part of the body, showing your Jeans in sleek lines. In the next step, you can add pleats on the knees and on the lower back of the jeans. In the same way, you can draw how you would wear the shoes.




Step 10

To make the drawing of a boy elegant and clean, make use of an eraser. Then, trace the lines you need to draw using ink or a pencil that is darker.




Step 11

If you want to paint the character you can paint him with any color. It could be one of the palettes provided by the artists from or any other colors for clothes and the body.




Thus, the instructions for drawing an adult boy were a breeze to the next step. The team at is delighted that you listened to this point. Please write us your feedback on this tutorial and also about in general, since we do not just listen to your opinions, but will also reply to many of them.

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