How To Draw A Boy And Girl with Pencil -

How To Draw A Boy And Girl with Pencil

How To Draw A Boy And Girl with Pencil

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

Start with drawing the frame for your girl during this video tutorial. Begin by drawing circles for the head shape. You can then include guides for the neck, face and body. Take note of the posture she’s in.

Step 2
Then, sketch a picture of the boy sitting right in front of the girl. Repetition the steps you took in step one. Then, after you’re finished, go onto the next stage. It’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Step 3
Then you’ll begin drawing the girl’s body in a manner that reveals her feelings. When she’s in the cuddle position it is necessary to lower her head or the contour of her face to lower her chest. Shoulder lines must be drawn and attached to side of her head, so that you can feel her shaking. Then, draw simple lines of the body beginning with the form of the breast, torso abdominal, legs and back. And then, begin the process of making her beautiful eyes.

Step 4
Before drawing or sketching the poses of the boys it is necessary to sketch out your girls’ arms in a straight line. This arm pose is showing her placing the hands of her legs on their knees. When her arms are stretched out, it is possible to add the little crease between her shoulder and armpits and also the slit that runs between her breasts. A slender eye contour is what you will see in her lashes and then draw the male body slightly more than the female posture. Even though his body isn’t than watery or moving and swollen, you can clearly observe how his posture is suited to her. Draw the lines for his thighs and draw the outline of his neck, face as well as his ears and eyes.

Step 5
He is beginning to become intimate with her because you can see him open his arms to embrace or hold the girl. Draw the lining on the lower part of the skirt and the straps and collar. At the same time it is also necessary to sketch the opening of the coat of the boy, and then sketch out in detail the nose, eyebrows ears, as well as facial characteristics. If you’re a boy you’ll be applying larger lines to the eyebrows and eyes. Draw the mouth, nose and the details within the ear.

Step 6
It’s time to draw the girls’ straight, long and curly hairstyles. There’s also a line beneath her shirt. Also, notice how the jacket of his has an Hood. Draw the hood first, then draw the cap first, and then his hair. The hair’s ends should be slender and compact. What you need to do is make blushes appear on cheeks of males and females.

Step 7
Let’s conclude this lengthy lesson on drawing both a girl and a boy. For the boy, draw an outline for the beanie that he wears. Incorporate some details, such as folds and wrinkles on the clothing. Eliminate any lines or forms that you sketched in step 1 to tidy up your sketch.

Step 8
After all the work and effort, you have a clear photo of a boy girl clearly in love. You can now color them and you’re ready to start another drawing tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video tutorial about drawing both a girl and a boy.

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