How to Draw a Box -

How to Draw a Box

How to Draw a Box

In the previous instruction, we showed how to draw a chest. Today, we will show how to draw a box. Although these instructions look very similar, the current one will be simpler. A closed cardboard box shaped like a cuboid, a rectangular cube, was shown.

To begin the art creation process, you’ll need your favorite art set. You can draw a box using a pencil on paper or an electronic pen on a graphic tablet.


Step 1

The side surface of your box is first. The box’s side surface will look like an irregular rhombus at this stage. For maximum uniformity, you can use a ruler. However, if you are looking to learn how straight lines can be drawn, you should not use a ruler.


Step 2

The second side of the box is now shown. You can now depict the second side surface of the box in the same way as the artists.


Step 3

Let’s now create the top surface of our box. Your sketch should look like a cuboid if you have done everything correctly. You can check the proportionality of your cube drawings by looking at them through a mirror.


Step 4

Attention, readers of! Now, we’ll transform the cuboid into a simple box by moving one hand. This is done by drawing a line along the cuboid’s upper central portion.


Step 5

You can also paint the box any color you like. Shadows can be added to give the box a three-dimensional look.


You can use the knowledge you have gained from this article to depict the box separately or as part of a complete artwork. You can, for example, depict a warehouse filled with boxes and barrels, as well as other pertinent details.

We are now waiting for your feedback on our article. This instruction was useful. What other works of art would be interesting to see on pages? Your comments are important to us and we are eager for them. All comments are read and responded to.

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