Hello everybody. In our previous drawing lessons, we presented a variety of different kinds of tableware like the platter as well as a vase. This time we’re continuing the same theme and designed instructions on drawing the bowl.

Step 1
Begin by drawing out the top part of the bowl into the shape of an ordinary flat oval.

Step 2
Then, using an extended curved line trace your bowl’s bottom. Make your bowl smooth and as perfect as you can.

Step 3
An easy step that involves drawing a base on the base in the bowl.

Step 4
By using light hatching, we can create shadows and reflect the bowl’s surface.

This is another lesson in the class “Myths as well as Legends” in which we taught the students the art of drawing the shape of a bowl. If you’re capable of drawing the bowl, attempt to draw it as a part of an encapsulated still life, such as in front of an empty bottle and with apples and grapes inside.


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